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Alternatives to

In today’s time, with so many security issues, it is becoming very hard to survive without any security measures, specifically if you have night shifts or if you go around at night. It is slowly getting harder to go out due to a huge increase in domestic or public crimes.

These crimes can happen anywhere and at any time, these crimes can include snatching, stealing, death threats or life-taking, major accidents, abductions, harassment or rapes and much more. Amidst all these happenings around the world, at every other locality, it gets a tab bit harder to go out.

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And eventually, family or your loved ones get scared, concerned and worried about you. But, now it's all easy due to the tacking apps. The most famous tracking app that is running around is the Stabilitynote love tracker. But, there are times when the app is not working in your area or due to certain conditions it loses track.

In these cases, you should always carry a stability note com alternative to the app, so that in certain circumstances, your family does not lose your track or location.

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Alternatives to

There are certain alternatives to, listed as follows:

1 Google Map

2 Find My Phone

3 FamiSafe

4 Map by run

5 Life360

6 FollowMee

7 FamilyLocator

8 MySpywonder

9 Glympse

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