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How to Eject Water from iPhone using Siri Shortcuts?

If you are a fan of listening to songs when you are taking a shower then, allow me to say that this is going to be a very good blog for you. You may have faced situations where you feel that there is some water inside your iPhone and this is why there is a nifty shortcut that you can use for water eject iphone.

Unlike Apple watches, there is no in-built feature in iPhones to eject water and this is why it is important to know this shortcut as you can remove the water from your phone using this guide.

Know how to eject Water from your iPhone

There is a shortcut of Siri that you can use to remove the water from your iPhone. This Siri shortcut is known as ‘water eject’ and has been proved to be a lifesaver for many iPhone users who have faced this problem. So, follow the steps that we have given here for the Water eject Siri Shortcut method.

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Remember that you can also use this method for your new iPhone including iPhone 13.

  1. Use this link on your iPhone which will open the ‘Water Eject’ feature.
  2. When you see the feature, you need to scroll down on the screen and click on the add the shortcut button.
  3. After adding it to your shortcut library, you need to click on the shortcut to initiate it on your device.
  4. You also need to tap the ‘Begin water ejection’ option given in the drop-down menu which will start the process.
  5. Slowly, all the water from your iPhone will be pushed out of your device. 

These are the correct steps of how to eject water from an iPhone. You can also add this shortcut to your home screen which will make the process easier for the next time.

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