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casie jeanlouis

Blockchain is my wonderland.

Defina Finance game’s dazzling performance is a dark horse in Binance Smart Chain

Defina Finance game is a project based on the concept of blockchain NFT GameFi. The story background of the game is set in a virtual universe parallel to real time and space. The heroes in the human epic reincarnate into the virtual universe in the form of NFT cards. Players are playing Through the hero characters obtained in the game, many functions such as PVE or PVP mode battle upgrades, Play to earn, NFT card trading, etc. can be realized, and rich rewards can be obtained in the immersive experience of the game.

Defina Finance game design is solid and powerful. The original paintings were written by the former top game manufacturer's art director. After long-term polishing by the multinational art team, the exquisite story plot, game graphics and heroes have been completed. The overall dark two-dimensional style picture, with the background of the end times and the literary beauty of Dante's Divine Comedy, will bring players a magnificent epic experience.

The game’s native token, FINA, was launched on October 13th on Pancakeswap; game tokens can be used to purchase hero NFTs and weapons. The Defina Finance game has its own consumption mechanism, which can be used to reset hero attributes, weapon upgrades, mining pledges for additional benefits, etc.; short The supply of tokens during the time is not high. After buying blind box recycling tokens and the game goes online, a large number of FINA tokens need to be pledged due to the bonus of mining income, and the number of tokens produced per day is low, and there may be a certain degree of Insufficient supply will quickly raise the currency price and raise the barriers to entry.

The main ways to earn tokens in the game are PVE, PVP and looting. Among them, PVE mainly provides hero NFT experience, supplemented by a small amount of FINA; PVP wins can get a certain ranking point and FINA, and additional rewards will be given regularly based on the ranking. Grabbing mines is the best way to earn tokens in the game. According to the highest rarity of the NFT in the team, you have the right to enter the four mining pools with different output. Defeat the guardian of the mining pool and occupy the mining pool. You can also pass multiple pledges To increase mining pool output (different mining pools can pledge different amounts) and pursue higher returns.

The part of earning profits satisfies the needs of players of different levels. Players can decide how to participate in the staking of mines and the number of pledges after looting according to the rarity of the NFT held and the number of FINA held, and the NFT with higher rarity Value is bound to rise.

Regarding the Defina Finance game team, they are a distributed office team with members from all over the world. They were formally established in April. The company is headquartered in Ireland, with employees coming from Ireland, Germany, the United States, Canada, Pakistan, and some parts of Asia such as Taiwan. It is a diverse and interesting team.

GameFi literally means the combination of gaming and finance. It breaks the traditional gameplay method. Players can spend money in the game and make money. The assets in the game can be freely traded on the chain after being combined with the blockchain, which has the value of financial attributes. Players can earn profits by trading in-game assets in the market. In addition, the attribute of the blockchain is transparent accounting, and players can more intuitively see the supply of assets in the game, which gives game assets a more real value instead of the black box operation of traditional games.

In the future, Defina Finance game will continue to add new heroes to the game, while launching weapons and other props and equipment, as well as land sales and other gameplay, so that Defina has more playability, community governance and game operations more decentralized. The realization of the value of governance tokens will enable players to make better suggestions and decisions for game innovation. While the community expresses its voice, the game team can better create for the community. In addition to bringing economic value, it can also bring a pleasant game experience.


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