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Alien Worlds mining is another modality of blockchain games

Alien Worlds integrates DeFi, NFT, and meta-universe into the game. Specifically, meta-universe is the background of the game, and DeFi and NFT are the gameplay methods. Alien Worlds has created a virtual world for players in 2055, where players can explore, mine and compete on 6 planets. The 6 planets have different styles and different types of landforms. Players need to find the most suitable planet for Alien Worlds mining and participate in governance. DeFi is mainly reflected in mining and DAO in the game. Unlike the liquid mining of DeFi projects, participation in Alien Worlds mining does not require pledged tokens, as long as you register an account, you can participate in mining.

The 6 autonomous planets of the game consist of 3343 land packs. Each land package contains a land NFT and 7 other supporting NFTs. Compared with projects such as Decentraland (90,000 land parcels) or Sandbox (120,000 land parcels), you will find how scarce land is in Alien Worlds mining. Space may be unlimited, but Alien Worlds' land NFT is limited.

Alien Worlds has two currencies: Trilium, the game currency of the ERC-20 protocol, and NFT tokens, which represent items such as weapons and land. The benefits of land ownership will be presented in the form of Trilium (TLM), the native token in the game. Adventurers can choose to mine the land themselves, or allow others to mine their own land and pay commissions. Therefore, landowners can choose to actively participate or allow others to mine on their own land. The game's built-in revenue function can earn commissions, and players can also set the commission rate according to their preferences to earn their own passive income. In Alien Worlds, owning land is the safest and easiest way to earn TLM. The NFT cards of this game have practical functions driven by smart contracts, which are different from the NFT used for collection.

Like the earth, the world of Alien Worlds mining also has various types of landforms such as mountains, hills, forests, basins, plains, and volcanoes. Alien Worlds has a total of 20 land types, different land types, their mining capabilities and the charging time of mining tools Is different. For example, if a player is mining in a snow-capped mountain, the charging time will be extended by 2 times, and the mining capacity will be increased by 1.9 times. For players who mine in active volcanoes, the charging time will be extended by 5 times, the mining capacity will be increased by 2.5 times, and the NFT lucky value will also be increased by 2.5 times, which means that players who mine in active volcanoes will have a significantly higher chance of obtaining NFT. Therefore, for players, it is necessary to make a trade-off between mining ability and charging time. Often the stronger the mining ability, the longer the charging time and the longer the waiting time between two mining.

Players who own the land can allow other players to mine on their land, and the system defaults that the land owner can get a 20% mining reward from it. If the land owner thinks that his land is valuable, he can increase the proportion, but at the same time he will face the problem of reducing the number of miners. Mining efficiency and charging time need to be considered in conjunction. Because players can have 3 mining tools at the same time, they need to weigh the mining efficiency and charging time to determine the best tool combination. The hammer value in the upper left corner of the card is proportional to the number of TLM tokens that can be mined. The larger the value, the more TLM tokens the player can get. The lower left corner is the difficulty value. The higher the difficulty value, the higher the mining efficiency.

If the three tools with high Alien World mining efficiency are put together at one time, the single TLM reward is considerable. The problem with this situation is that the charging time is generally longer, which reduces the frequency of mining. Conversely, if you blindly pursue the frequency of mining, the TLM rewards and NFT rewards for a single mining will be relatively reduced.

The world created by Alien Worlds has interpersonal relationships just like the real world. For example, if you don't have land, then the relationship between you and the land holder is a customer relationship. The land holder hopes that more people will come to his land to mine, so that he can get more rewards. At the same time, the land holder also needs to consider the value of the land and determine the proportion of mining revenue. Once the profit ratio of land holders is increased, "miners" need to consider whether to mine elsewhere.

In addition, players also need to calculate how to maximize revenue. The factors players need to consider include planet strength, landform types, mining revenue distribution ratio, efficiency of mining tools and charging time, etc. Players continue to try various combinations to gain game experience, but this process is quite challenging. The game The challenge can eventually retain advanced players.

In the future, Alien World mining will officially start a duel between players, and the desire to win or lose in the game can further increase user stickiness. For players, this round of losing, regrouping and winning back, this is the most anticipated point of Alien Worlds to enhance user stickiness.


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