靈氣與高樓跌下 Reiki and Two-Story Fall

靈氣與高樓跌下 Reiki and Two-Story Fall

今年7月10日,我在練習繩索救援技術時從兩層樓的混凝牆上掉下來。 幸好朋友們在我的周圍。 我的靈氣 I 階和 II 階的朋友立即把手放在我身上,我甚至還沒有意識到發生了什麼事。

我被私人車輛運送到醫院,並且經歷了最小的痛苦。 急診室醫生看到我的 X 光片感到非常驚訝。 我的左腳踝骨折並脫臼,而我的腰椎( T-12 )有壓迫性骨折。 儘管如此,我的腳踝並沒有腫脹,而且脈搏良好。 在轉移到一小時車程外的創傷機構之前,我不需要麻醉性的鎮痛藥。

靈氣,以及芳香療法、按摩和瑜伽,仍然是我康復的重要組成部分。 感謝 Heather、我的老師和偉大的靈氣大師的偉大治療。










《靈氣對急性冠心病患 (ACS)自律神經的影響》

Reiki and Two-Story Fall

On July 10 of this year, I fell two stories onto concrete while practicing a rope rescue technique. Luckily my friends surrounded me. A friend I took Reiki I and II with immediately placed her hands on me, before I even thought about what was happening. I was able to be transported by private vehicle to the hospital, and experienced minimal pain. The emergency room physician was very surprised to see my X-rays. My left ankle was fractured and dislocated and I had suffered a T-12 compression fracture. Despite this, my ankle was not swollen and was mobile with a good pulse. I required no narcotic analgesics until transfer to a trauma facility one hour away.

Reiki, along with aromatherapy, massage, and yoga, continues to be an important part of my recovery. Thanks to Heather, my teachers, and the great Reiki masters for the great healing.

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