靈氣治愈斷臂 Reiki Heals Broken Arm

靈氣治愈斷臂 Reiki Heals Broken Arm

我當時 14 歲的兒子麥克在周五下午 4 點左右摔倒並摔斷了右前臂。由於他被父親的醫療 [PPO] 保險所涵蓋,但保險指定的傳統健康照護辦公室的工作人員告訴我,他們要到下週一 4:15 才能見他。並且在他們見到他之前的這72小時間,他們拒絕授權他到急診室,甚至不允許他拍 X 光片。

最令人沮喪的是,在我超過 25 年的醫療/緊急服務專業工作經驗中,我對四肢骨折的外觀非常熟悉。這個斷裂是嚴重的,並且因為非常接近生長板而很可能造成影響。


整個週末,我們都繼續定期在他的手臂上進行靈氣治療。當他在周一下午就診並接受 X 光檢查時,骨折已經完全癒合,骨頭沒有損傷,只是骨折處出現了一條微弱的鋸齒線。

在我兒子生命中的那個時候,他已經完成了靈氣 II的訓練;儘管跌倒的衝擊和休息的痛苦,他在回家尋求幫助時已經開始自己進行靈氣治療。我不願去想如果我們不是靈氣家族會發生什麼事!

一個有趣的副作用:在我最初的靈氣治療期間,我非常沮喪,因為他的醫師辦公室的服務很差,我決定在我女兒的雇主那裡找到一份工作,這是一家著名的 HMO。我在幾週內被聘用並開始工作,這一切都歸功於靈氣能量的影響。










《靈氣對急性冠心病患 (ACS)自律神經的影響》

Reiki Heals Broken Arm

My son Michael, then 14 years old, fell and broke his right forearm about 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. The office staff of the traditional healthcare provider that he had been assigned to by has father's medical [PPO] insurance coverage told me that they could not see him until 4:15 on the following Monday. They refused to authorize him to be seen in the Emergency Dept and would not permit him to even get x-rays until after they saw him, 72 hours later. The most frustrating aspect is that in more than 25 years as medical/emergency services professional I am very familiar with the appearance of broken limbs. The break was serious, and closes enough that the growth plate could very well be involved. I began doing Reiki on his arm; when my daughter, also a Reiki Master, returned from work she took over doing Reiki while I called my friend, Susan, another Reiki Master, and requested that she perform distance Reiki and recruit any other helpers she felt might be needed. We all continued to do Reiki on his arm periodically throughout the weekend. By the time he was seen and x-rayed on Monday afternoon, the break was completely healed with no damage to the bones, simply a faint jagged line when the break had been. At that point in my son's life he had completed Reiki II; despite the shock of falling and the pain of the break, he had begun doing Reiki himself as he walked home to get help. I hate to think what might have happened if we were not a Reiki family! An interesting side effect: during my initial Reiki session I was so upset that by the poor service from his doctor's office that I determined I would get a job with my daughter's employer, a well-known HMO. I was hired, and started, within a matter of weeks, all thanks to the effects of Reiki energy.

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