遠距靈氣和癌症 Distance Reiki and Cancer

遠距靈氣和癌症 Distance Reiki and Cancer

當我接到我丈夫朋友的妻子的電話時,我已經練習靈氣大約一年了。在我認識她的 17 年裡,我們一直很友好,但只有在“老夥伴們”聚在一起時才會聯絡。她打電話給我說:“我覺得我需要給你打個電話,我得了兩種肺癌,預計只能活三個星期左右。”這真是太震驚了。她 47 歲,有一個 4 歲的孩子,這是一個他們從未想過會擁有的奇蹟寶寶。我告訴她我會為她做靈氣,並問她是否需要幫助照顧嬰兒。一周後,她打電話給我說:




她堅持道。我告訴她我一直在為她做遠距離靈氣。她想知道靈氣是什麼。我開始解釋 靈氣是一種宇宙的生命能量,她打斷了我,













《靈氣對急性冠心病患 (ACS)自律神經的影響》




Distance Reiki and Cancer

I had been practicing Reiki for about a year when I got a phone call from the wife of my husband's friend. We had been friendly in the 17 years I had known her but had only communicated when the "old gang" got together. She called me and said, "I felt I needed to call you, I have two kinds of lung cancer and am only expected to live about three weeks." This was such a shock. She was 47 years old and has a four year old, a miracle baby they never thought they would have. I told her I'd do Reiki for her and asked if she needed help with the baby. A week later she called me to say, "Mary, what did you say you'd do for me?" I said I had told her I would pray. "No something else," she insisted. I told her I had been doing distance Reiki for her. She wanted to know what Reiki was. I started to explain about Universal Life Force Energy and she interrupted me, "No, Mary how does it feel, is it warm?" "Yes, it feels warm." She continued getting more excited. "Does it feel warm at 6:00 every morning?" I had been looking for validation for my distant Reiki and here it was—she was not only feeling it, she knew what time I was doing it.

She went on to tell me that she was sure she was not going to die. I told her I would continue the Reiki and told her how to do some visualization techniques as well. Several months later her doctor called her at ten one evening and asked what she was doing. She said she was getting ready for bed. He said, "No, that's not what I mean, what are you doing? I'm looking at your tests here and you are clean!" No cancer remained, she was healed! She has been granted the time with her daughter that she wanted.

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Mary Ronge


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