Forget,Forgive, Forever, Beloved


Still have a job to work in this problem economic environment,
Have a personal space with comfort bed
Have a lovely breakfast with a nice cup of coffee,
Have things to eat and can eat everything

These small daily stuffs may be a kind of happiness to some people, of course some people use how rich I have to evaluate the happiness

Different philosophers and scholars define "Happiness" in different ways, but I am not going to state or sum up what they have defined. I just want to write my understanding to "Happiness".

In the above example stuff, it really can have happiness but it will lose this feeling if you are used to it or even would be ignored.
So "Happiness" would be disappeared?

Not really.
"Happiness" somehow is a reflection of emotion, but it is more like a road to sunshine.
This is a road that you need to find, walk and experience by yourself because this is your happiness not belonging to others. When you walk on this sunshine road, you feel warm and full of energy. This is a road that follows your growth and living. Somehow can be stimulated by the environment, people, or things but still need to be explored and discovered by yourself.
This is a kind of inner permanent safe mode and is under your control. So it would not be disappeared if this really constructs into your internal.

So what is your "Happiness" and can you feel it? if you can not feel it, try to think about what you are having now. Remember what you are having now is now come out sudden but somehow because of you.

Cheers and smile~


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