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沉澱澳洲回憶的庫珀啤酒 My wife’s Aussie memories in Coopers Ale


沉澱澳洲回憶的庫珀啤酒 My wife’s Aussie memories in Coopers Ale


It seems to me that the label of Coopers Ale is really old-fashioned design. It’s definitely a shortcoming on Taiwanese supermarket shelves there it would be surrounded by all fancy label beers.

Actually, Coopers Ale is a very old brewery with superior quality since 1862 in Australia.


My wife recalled that Coopers Ale was the only brand beer she had in her days of studying film production in Australia.

And she also told me that Coopers Pale Ale with deep golden color and light bitter would be the perfect match for Aussie meat dishes.The alc/vol of Coopers Pale Ale is 4.5%.


For old time sake, we had another Coopers Sparkling Ale. This one’s alc/vol is 5.8% with rich malt aroma. My wife said that’s great companion for Aussie Meat Pie to balance the rich flavor of meat.


And my wife reached a conclusion after two beers. “That’s the beer flavor could remind a couple of tall Aussies sitting around the bar with Coopers Ale in their hands after works.”.


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