Mindful eating

Today, I practise something that I haven't done since long time: mindful eating. If occasion allows or when you eat alone at home, I encourage you to try this as well. Close your eyes when eating, focus only on the chewing part. I can't guarantee the food will taste better (I feel so but not sure if you will), but you will definitely taste and feel more than usual. You would notice how the food is broken into smaller pieces while moving from right to left, front to back in your mouth, between your tongue & teeth, and you can also feel the texture & slightest tastes of each piece of food. I would chew more patiently than most of my life, I wouldn't want to miss any little piece from turning from solid into liquid. I feel grateful for that I can enjoy good food like this on this planet, my soul is touched. After finishing the meal, I feel that my body is satisfied and happy about the whole experience. I think nowadays, human uses their eyes too much, even food has to be visually attractive, to be instagrammable, we may eating while watching TV, looking at our cell phone, talking to people. We focus less on the smell & tastes, our sense of taste has become numb, food has to have strong tastes, crispy fried food, super sweet dessert & drinks, GMO fruits to have mainly fake sweetness but no natural sour & astringent anymore, super spicy, pungent & salty dishes to attract people to come back next time. I often see people complaining food is tasteless in restaurant reviews, but how can food be really tasteless? I find each unseasoned food carries their own flavour, but people can't accept that anymore, they are used to artificial or exaggerated tastes, that makes us less & less human, and far from nature.


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