Inclusive Classrooms and Accessibility

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TweetMeet “2019’un En İyisi” Eğitim Sohbetinin 17 Aralık 2019 programında 2. kez “Türkiye Ev Sâhibi (Host)” olmaktan çok memnunum.

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Kapsayıcı Sınıflar ve Ulaşılabilirlik

Inclusive Classrooms and Accessibility

#MSFTEduChat TweetMeet

15 Mayıs 2018

Kapsayıcı Sınıflar ve Ulaşılabilirlik (Inclusive Classrooms and Accessibility)
Kapsayıcı Sınıflar ve Ulaşılabilirlik (Inclusive Classrooms and Accessibility)

Mehmet Keçeci’nin tanıtımı [3]:

Password: TweetMeet

15 Mayıs 2018 “TweetMeet = TweetBuluşması” Konusu: Kapsayıcı Sınıflar ve Ulaşılabilirlik (Inclusive Classrooms and Accessibility)

Türkiye ev sâhipleri (host) Mehmet Keçeci ve Yunus Emre Çalık olmuştur.

TweetMeet Questions [1]

    1. What does accessibility mean to you?
    1. How does accessibility help level the playing field for all learners?
    1. What is the correlation between accessibility and inclusive classrooms?
    1. What Microsoft tools and resources do you find the most impactful, and why?
    1. What is your vision for a future classroom that benefits all learners?
  1. What is one thing you’ll start doing differently in your classroom tomorrow?

Hosts and coaches [1]

Matching this month’s topic, we have invited 15 special-education experts and educators to be our hosts. They look forward very much to learning and engaging with you on how to make our classrooms more inclusive and accessible. Check out their profiles and projects, follow them all on Twitter and check their tweets in this Twitter list.

    • Ainhoa Marcos @AinhoaMarcosEC (Microsoft Education Sr. Account Executive – Spain)
    • Arran Smith @ArranDyslexia (Founder of SEND Group and UK Dyslexia and SEND Consultant to Microsoft – UK)
    • Cathy Hoesterey @ATtips (Assistive Technology Coordinator, Bellevue School District and Occupational Therapist – USA)
    • Clive Gibson @Clive_Gibson (Physics teacher/MIE Expert – Dubai UAE)
    • Erjona Koldashi @erjona92_nana (Microsoft Learning Consultant – Italy)
    • Heather Cox @MrsHCox (Microsoft Education, Windows and Devices Solutions Specialist – USA)
    • James Donaldson @Mr_ALNCo (MIE Expert, Head of Additional Learning Needs and Wellbeing – Wales)
    • Kristin Barr @mrsbarr_itrt (Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Personalized Learning for Williamsburg James City County Schools – USA)
    • Lindsey Troyanoski @LTroyanoski (Microsoft Learning Consultant, Philadelphia – USA)
    • Lukas Gierek @LukaszGierek (MIEFellow, IT Teacher in Radom Technical School – Poland)
    • Marinko Petkovic @marepet71 (Science and SEN Teacher ESBS “Milan Petrović,” Senior Lecturer in Studio Pippi – Serbia)
    • Mehmet Keçeci @mkecheci (Physics, Bioinformatics, Health Information Systems and IT, Teacher and Lecturer, Occupational Safety Specialist, MIE Expert – Turkey)
    • Sam Jordan @SaminJuneau (MIEExpert, Skype Master Teacher, Education Technology Coordinator for the Alaska Dept. Of Education and Early Development – USA)
    • Sharon LePage Plante @iplante (LD Teacher and Director of Technology @TheSouthportSch, CT – USA)
  • Yunus Emre Çalık @ynsmrclk (MIE Expert, STEM and Robotics Teacher – Turkey)

What are #MSFTEduChat TweetMeets?

Every month Microsoft Education organizes social events on Twitter targeted at educators globally. The hashtag we use is #MSFTEduChat. A team of topic specialists and international MIE Expert teachers prepare and host these TweetMeets together. Our team of educator hosts first crafts several questions around a certain topic. Then, before the event, they share these questions on social media. Combined with a range of resources, a blog post and background information about the events, this allows all participants to prepare themselves to the full. Afterwards we make an archive available of the most notable tweets and resources shared during the event.

Learn more about TweetMeets and earn a badge in the TweetMeet Course on the Microsoft Education Community.

The #MSFTduChat event time is 10:00 a.m. PT. If this time isn’t convenient for you, please follow your local channel or even consider hosting your own #MSFTEduChat in your country and language. Please connect with TweetMeet organizer Marjolein Hoekstra @TweetMeet on Twitter for more info on hosting in your language and time that works best for the educators and MIE Experts in your country.


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