Bearing units
Bearing units

CRBTF205AT bearing

Crossed Roller Bearigns are small bearigns with their rollers additionally went across at appropriate angles to every various other in between internal and external rings. The rollres make line-contact with raceway surface areas, and, for that reason, flexible contortion because of birthing tons is really little. They can take tons from any type of instructions at the exact same time such as radial, drive and minute tons. It's feasible to create your develop crbtf small comparing with the use of taper roller birthing and mix of 2 sphere bearings. These bearrings are commonly utilized in the turning components of commercial robotics, device devices, clinical devices, and so on., which need density, high rigidness and high rotational precision.


1.We achived the ultra-slim 5mm birthing size by IKO innovation of mini bearings manufacturing, and this birthing adds to create devices more small.

2. Made complex installing frameworks are not neccesary thank you to the installing openings crbtf offered to both innner and external rings that make it feasible to install straight to the installing surface area without a real estate or a stress plate.

This birthing is extensively utilized in revolving components that need density, high rigidness, and transformation precision such as commercial crbtf robotics, device devices, and clinical devices.


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