Create Your Own Crypto Exchange Like Coinbase

What Is Coinbase Clone Script?

One of the ways to develop and launch a crypto exchange is to use clone scripts. Coinbase Clone Script is the best solution for you to create a great crypto exchange with basic features same as Coinbase. It is highly customized and covers all the basic features of Coinbase. Coinbase Clone Solution is power-packed and integrated with astounding features that fulfill the booming demand for crypto exchange websites. Our ready-to-launch Coinbase website clone script comprises all the essential features you need to kick-start a successful crypto exchange website.  

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Highlights Features of Coinbase Clone Software

·       Wallet - Secure wealth storage on your smartphone

·       Earn - Learn from the comfort of your home and earn tokens​

·       Asset Hub for token offerings

·       Commerce - accept payments in cryptocurrencies​

Other Features of Coinbase Clone


The coinbase clone script implements all industry-standard security standards such as two-factor authentication via app or SMS.

Our Coinbase Clone also propagates best practices such as strong passwords and the activation of 2-factor authentication on its own support page.


With the help center, the broker has its own department for support requests. We found our way there quickly. Support can be reached via chat, email, and phone.


User-friendliness is the top priority here. In fact, the user interface turned out to be extremely clear in the practical test. What we don't like so much is the cumbersome KYC. Before you even get access to the platform, the platform asks for all KYC-relevant details. It would be nice if one could first look around on the broker before having to upload documents like ID. This is probably due to regulatory reasons.

Ease of Use of the Platform

The user-friendliness of the provider can be described as high simply. The website is also very much designed for beginners and therefore easily guides you through the different processes. The opening is done quickly, and trading and "storing" the currencies is also easy. Coinbase clone is definitely a suitable platform for newcomers, especially since the good impression of operation is also reflected in subsequent trading with the trading software.

Mobile App

The majority of all traders today no longer only access the trading platform with their computer but also use a mobile alternative for their smartphone or tablet. This is available in the form of the Coinbase clone app, which in turn is offered in two different versions. Users with an Apple device can go to the App Store and download the provider's software free of charge.

The process is similar to the Android app, which, however, has to be downloaded from the Google Play store. However, this step is also unproblematic, so the mobile versions can be described as real alternatives to trading on the desktop.

About Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is one of the most interesting platforms for Bitcoin exchanges, especially for beginners, after all, the website and platform are extremely user-friendly. In addition, the portfolio focuses exclusively on the well-known currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Nevertheless, trading is fun here, unless you are betting on exotic digital currencies. The Coinbase app can do its job wonderfully as a supplement, and Coinbase is one of the few regulated and licensed providers on the market. But that's not all, because the deposit guarantee also guarantees users protection. All in all, we can definitely recommend the offer.


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