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How To Fix Unable To Attach Files In Gmail Using Chrome

Unable To Attach Files In Gmail Using Chrome

Gmail and Chrome belong to Google and have been serving the user for so long. Being that much famous, you can find the troubleshooting guide of the same with ease.

So, If you are wondering, why can't I attach files in Gmail? You are in the right place, as here you will be served with solutions regarding the same.

Solutions to Fix Attachment of Files in Gmail using Chrome

Attaching files in Gmail using Chrome is quite easy but if you are unable to attach files, do not worry, as solutions to cope with this issue are mentioned below.

Solution 1: Turn Off the Web Browser’s Extensions

Web browser extensions are developed to make the task easy, but sometimes these extensions create a hindrance in the proper functioning of the web browser. So, there is a need to disable these extensions so that you do not face any issues while operating on the web browser. 

Solution 2: Switch To Another Web Browser

If you still can't Attach Files in Gmail Android, there exists a solution for it. You can simply switch to another web browser and thereby you will be able to attach the file in Gmail (if the problem was due to a specific web browser).

Solution 3: Update The Web Browser To Its Latest Version

Updating the web browser to its latest version can simply remove the bugs or software glitches, if present any. Eventually, it will lead you to attach files in Gmail (if the problem was due to the bug).

Solution 4: Disable Proxy Server

Proxy server add-on is basically used to hide the actual IP of the computer system during the period of browsing so that no one could trace you. But if you are unable to attach files in Gmail, you should try disabling the proxy server and later try to check whether it resolved the issue or not.


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