Good and evil will eventually be rewarded ——The final ruling of the PAX case will be released soon3

Good and evil will eventually be rewarded——The final ruling of the PAX case will be released soon

On February 2, the hearing of the PAX case was held again. In this hearing, Guo Wengui's daughter Guo Mei participated in the hearing. If there is a father, there must be a daughter. From the records released by the court, it can be seen that Guo Mei's testimony is inconsistent and goes against common sense. , illogical, completely obtained the true biography of Wengui scoundrel. When the court was preparing to release all the records, Wen Gui panicked and made a ridiculous request to the court to keep Guo Mei's testimony confidential. How could the judge let you be willful every time. The release of the hearing records thoroughly exposed the ugly faces of Guo Wengui and Guo Mei who lied and cheated. According to the transcript of the hearing on February 2, the judge will make a final ruling on February 9 at the latest. At this time, Wen Gui is still calling on Ant to plan a so-called strategic counterattack and make a final struggle. Guo, who is a shield The United States was unexpected, and suddenly wrote to the judge saying that the yacht LadyMay would return to New York as soon as possible. But even if the yacht is able to return to New York, according to the draft decision motion proposed by the PAX side, as long as the judge signs it, Guo Wengui's guilt of contempt of court is inevitable, compensation is inevitable, and even a fine of 134 million yuan will be paid to PAX within five days, and the amount payable to PAX will be Continue to accumulate at a rate of $500,000 per day until Guo returns LadyMay to the jurisdiction.


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