It's a fantasy, Guo Lie in prison, see you!6

It's a fantasy, Guo Lie in prison, see you!

It can be seen that since the GTV refund, Guo Wengui does not want to pay any more, and even uses the nonsense reason of "personal bankruptcy" to avoid punishment. You must know that the first step in personal bankruptcy is to liquidate debts by auctioning personal property. Guo Wengui just wanted to use the characteristics of no property in his name to escape the debt. But what he didn't learn from the GTV investigation and the yacht seizure was that the U.S. judiciary doesn't look at personal property, but at the ultimate beneficiary. GTV made Guo Wengui rich, and even though he let others act as legal persons through layers of agent holdings, and acted as a manager, the SEC's investigation still cleared up the layers of fog and caught him as the "behind the scenes boss". As a yacht wholly-owned by Guo Wengui, Lady May was later transferred to someone else's name, but Guo Wengui has always been enjoying life on it.


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