喜歡寫文 希望我的文字能牽動你的情緒

What are we depending on?

Nowadays, many people have smartphones, include you and me. With using smartphones, we have a lot of conveniences, like using Google map to check where we are, finding words from online dictionary. However, I have a question that do we depend on them too much?


Without smartphones in our daily life, maybe we feel upset and worried, because once we lose something that is important to us, we have some emotions. You know that feels: If you lose your phone, you will become frantic.


In smartphones, there are many things which draw our attentions, the most of that is social media. We both like watching some photos taking by our friends or popular accounts, because we want to know more about the daily life of another people, and know their systems of values. Also, we love sharing about ourselves to be identified by someone. We are care of 'likes', because it means that how we are popular. This shows that we depend on smartphone.


We are humans. Some weaks, you and I both have. It doesn't matter that we have weaknesses. To improve ourselves is the main point just now. 


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