Salute to Dr. Lo 向羅醫師致敬



Dr. Lo was my ENT physician about four decades ago. I was suffering sinusitis since I was less than 10 years old, and my father had taken me every ENT clinics in Pingtung and even took me to high altitude mountain for convalesce. My case was under control when I met Dr. Lo. Last time I met him was 35 years ago, which was my last therapy, and then I heard lot news from media about his kindness for patients. Now I learn he is volunteering for COVID 19 screening even he is 78 years old. Dr. Lo, you do not only cure my sinusitis, but also inspire my dedication in respiratory therapy field, even now in ENT. Some time I heard miracle from God. However, what I am firmed is that I do witness people are carrying out God's tasks and Dr. Lo is one on them. I can not go to Pingtung to express my appreciation to Dr. Lo. But I can use IPFS system to record the moment.

Thank you. Dr.Lo, and God bless you and your family.


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