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5 scariest 911 emergency calls ever (100% real) (English version)

When you hear about 911, what will you think of ? I believe most of all may think about the terrorist attack on 11 September in 2001. It's a bad and sad news for every American on that day. Not only were plenty of facilities destroyed , but also 2977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries and substantial long-term health consequences were resulted. It had exactly imprinted on the history of America.

World Trade Center film - the situation on that day( Photo from WIKI)

911 is also an emergency number in America. Some people may question about the relationship between the emergency number and the date of the terrorist attack. Are they associated?

The Answer is surely not. Let me introduce some history about the emergency n.o of 911. It have been a long story since the 1960 s . There was a lot of crime in the neighborhood and the citizens might need variety of helps, such as police officers, fire fighters, ambulance officers. However, they had to call the telephone number of the police stations of the district. Sometime, they could not remember and find it clearly and easily so the rescue time might be delayed. That's why the US government started to decide to put 911 as an emergency number.

Here are three main advantages of calling 911 instead of calling the telephone number of the police stations.

  1. Easy to remember. As you know, the number 1 is the smallest number in the range of 1-9 while the number 9 is the biggest. Someone may concern about why not include number 0 to the emergency number. The answer is straightforward since the 911 operators are speaking English. The number must be easy to remember.
  2. Convenient to dial. People at that time were still using the rotary phone. Therefore, they can phone for help quickly.
  3. The 911 emergency number can be separated from the area code of the US and the telephone number of the local police stations.

Rotary Phone in 1970s ( Photo from WIKI)

Now , there are 85% of American can phone 911 in their district when they have emergency. The average time of calling 911 per day is above three hundred thousand and the total time per day is one hundred million.

However, some scary 911 calls maybe dialed, for example , murder, kidnapping, robbery, serious car accident and so on.

Here are 5 scariest 911 calls ever (caution: It might be a little bit scary and horrible)

First of all, It was a domestic violence. A little girl called 911 for help because there was a fighting happened on her mother and step father. The girl was extremely frightened. She didn't exactly how to handle this except calling for help. During the process, I heard some sound of screaming. This implied that the situation was very serious.'' When she said that his stepfather was knocking her younger sister out. My heart even jumped from my heart. At that time, I hoped the girl could be fine and came out with this sadness.

The second call was about the case of chimpanzee. This is a story about a woman inviting her friends to her home. Unfortunately, the chimp of the woman attacked her friends for no reason. Therefore, the only way of the woman to do is phoning 911. She asked the operator to send the officers with gun and she also explained that the chimp almost ripped her friend apart. Oh dear! It is terrifying. I can't believe that the chimp would attack human.

I personally think the third one is the most scariest. A solitary elderly dialed 911 because there was a man coming to his door. She said he was seem looking for an apartment. When the operator asked where he was, I heard the screaming suddenly and the elderly....

911 calls ( Photo from Google)

According to the comment of some audience,

The old lady one was so heartbreaking

-she’s defenseless

-she’s alone

-she’s scared

The fourth one is about a man killing her mother and sister. He phoned 911 after that. He reported to the operator calmly. The operator questioned him why he was angry to do that. However, he said No,'I wasn't even really angry with them. I've been planning on killing for a while now. It definitely scared me.

Finally, it is a shooting incident. A little girl called 911. Some people , maybe thefts ,killed everyone except the girl, her sister and brother. The thefts also shot a dog.

Top 5 scariest 911 emergency calls ever ( video from youtube)

These calls are really heartbreaking and scary. I can't imagine the real situation happening in those call. I hope they never happen in our life.

Warning: The audio recordings are extremely disturbing.Viewers discretion is strongly advised.



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