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Another 3 BTC Jackpot Won at Bitcoin.com Games, Over 15 Players 10x Their Deposits Just This Month

A lucky player wins a 3 bitcoin jackpot on a newly released live casino game at Bitcoin.com’s crypto casino.

Over 15 Players Make More on Casino Games Than They Would on The Market

A Rewarding Month for Casino Players

The month of July has turned out to be extremely lucky for those 15 players who decided to play at Bitcoin.com Games instead of holding or making leverage trades on BTC or BCH pairs. Even if we don’t include those who were only barely net positive on their gaming sessions, more than 50 players managed to at least 2x their deposits this month so far. With 10 more days remaining, who knows, many more players could be set for big fortunes landing in their laps.

And that’s what an average month looks like for our crypto casino. Players cashing out big winnings that would arguably be beyond what an average trader could make in a whole year. There are many games that have shared jackpots across many casino endpoints, so it’s entirely possible that these pots get bigger and bigger from players betting all across the spectrum, all over the world – and 1 player taking it all for himself. Since these jackpots are funded by a very small percentage of each bet placed on the game.

3 BTC Won on XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

We released exclusive early access to the highly anticipated live casino game XXXtreme Lightning Roulette earlier in May ‘22 which introduced our players to a new era of live gaming. It didn’t take too long for a big winner to emerge from the game as a discerning player has now snatched a big win of 3 BTC on the same with a bet of just 0.0056 BTC.

Win up to 2000x your bet amount on XXXtreme Lightning Roulette!

The crypto casino offers various types of casino games including exciting slot and table games, games with big jackpots, and even a live casino with real dealers on the other side interacting with you. Players can choose from a range of fantastic slots that often accumulate crazy jackpots. Placing a bet on these games unlocks the opportunity for players to land insane multipliers, many of them going upwards of 100,000x!

Bitcoin.com Games is a premium gaming portal that has been growing in popularity ever since its inception. With big jackpots and money multipliers being rewarded every week, the casino has seemingly become a thriving place for players to test their luck, and possibly, win life-changing money.

Play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette now or check out other games with big jackpots and bonuses that you can play on Bitcoin.com Games.

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