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我對 Google 的太空俯瞰地球圖像,印象深刻。特別是當『邊界』選項未被激活的時候。立體的城鎮、州省和國家,在地圖上牽手融為一個巨大的地球,僅由藍色和綠色、陸地和海洋來劃分。





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2 gifts are given to us: choice & chance — a choice of a gööd life & a chance to make the best out of it.

ï am always struck by the imagery on Google Earth. Especially when the “borders” option is left unactivated. The easily recognizable maps of towns, states & countries fade into a vast globe only divided by blue & green, land & sea.

Based on wars, power, struggle & aggression, armies & officials staked claims across the globe, creating a spiderweb of borders across great continents of land. The thing is, these borders aren’t real. When viewed from space, our world is not a planet divided. The division exists only in our hearts & minds, & has fueled a full myriad of human-on-human atrocities throughout the ages.

Borders do serve a practical purpose, as they aid in the administration of government. But when taken to the extreme, they serve to divide & differentiate in a world so desperately in need of the opposite.

Let us celebrate the powerful ideals on which our universe was founded. But more than that, ï think it is important to pledge our allegiance beyond just a flag or a banner – or even what those signs might symbolize. My true allegiance is to our brothers & sisters (wherever you may be) & these magnificent universes and metaverses of which we are all a part.

When seen from above, this planet is not criss-crossed with borders. With all this talk of borders, nationalities & citizenship, it’s easy to forget that we’re all in this together. But here is a reminder: We are!!

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