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LikeCoin validator report #3

This is an overview of my achievements as a validator since April 2021.
  1. Mainnet node is running with active Cosmovisor and successfully upgraded to v3.0.0.
  2. Voted on majority of Mainnet proposals during the past 6 months.
  3. Made LIKE deposits to the majority of Mainnet proposals during the past 6 months.
  4. Was never jailed in Mainnet.
  5. Took part in Testnet upgrade.
  6. Running LikeCoin Mainnet RPC node as an alternative to official endpoints: https://likecoin-rpc.stakeangle.com/
  7. Providing State Sync service in LikeCoin Mainnet so that new validators could easier join the network: https://stakeangle.com/state-sync/likecoin
  8. Running IBC relayer between LikeCoin and Osmosis (https://www.mintscan.io/likecoin/relayers/channel-3). Operator addresses: LikeCoin - like14wuwa8p4mz5ryejxu5xzz5svw3pk0ltdcddfh6, Osmosis - osmo14wuwa8p4mz5ryejxu5xzz5svw3pk0ltdr2zmzn.

My future contributions will include technical support of RPC endpoint, state sync services, participation in LikeCoin governance. May also add new networks for IBC relayer services based on demand (networks can be added: Cosmos, Tgrade, AssetMantle, Stargaze, OmniFlix, Gravity Bridge, Umee, Agoric).

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