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LikeCoin validator report #1

This is an overview of my achievements as a validator since May 2021

First, I would like to thank LikeCoin team and community for making a huge progress in the project development. Many cool things were made during this period, including website update, FoTan network upgrade, IBC enablement, DEX listings and important proposals pass. I am happy to be a part of the community and here is an overview of my main achievements:

  1. Set up a testnet validator node and upgraded to FoTan (my node is still online).
  2. Processed FoTan upgrade in a Mainnet.
  3. Voted on all Mainnet proposals starting with #15 (#15-21 as of November 09, 2021) https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/proposals/15
  4. Made LIKE deposits for all proposals starting with #18 (#18-21 as of November 09, 2021) https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/proposals/18
  5. Was never jailed in Mainnet.
  6. Translated LikeCoin FAQ into Russian in cooperation with Bulgakov#4010: https://github.com/Cryptoperchik/dao/blob/ru/faq.md.

As of the future contributions, I will keep taking part in LikeCoin governance and continue to translate documentation into my native language.

Validator link: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/validators/cosmosvaloper1e8h8cg923eayldp62w0vdk4gc8jsdv5stlzqde


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