Crypto Enthusiast & Investor | Validator in Cosmos-based networks

LikeCoin validator: KappaRoss

Glad to join LikeCoin network as a validator!

Hi! My name is Mikhail and I from Russia. I came to crypto almost 4 years ago and was really impressed by blockchain technology. Since then, I was constantly following the latest crypto trends and new projects.

My crypto-related experience includes DeFi usage (mainly on Ethereum), UI and UX bug bounties for such projects as DeFiner, XDEFI (DeFi applications on Ethereum) and Gridex (trading bot on Solana), and also participate in interesting crypto events (e.g. The Graph Curator program and Gravity DEX competition).

Currently working as Ambassador for SKALE Network and Oasis Network (mainly translating content into Russian).

I also take part in testnets. I am quite familiar with Cosmos-based networks, currently participating in Agoric Incentivized Testnet and Cyber Testnet, also was selected to take part in BitCanna Invitational Testnet. I took part in Desmos Incentivized Testnet earlier this year and going to become Desmos Mainnet validator.

I learnt about LikeCoin from Big Dipper Monthly Review by Forbole and found that validator set was increased, so decided to become one of validators. I am impressed by the ecosystem being built by LikeCoin for creative people, so I am glad to make it even more decentralized.

You can check my validator using this link: https://likecoin.bigdipper.live/validator/cosmosvaloper1e8h8cg923eayldp62w0vdk4gc8jsdv5stlzqde


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